Pio-ppi-no. To correctly pronounce the name of this mushroom, it should be done with an Italian accent using the classic gesture of fingers pinched against the thumb.

Pioppino. Singular. Pioppini. Plural. Huh. Who knew? 

In Tuscan, it can also mean a kind of hat. I’m trying to see it.

Pioppini mushrooms grow naturally throughout Asia and Southern Europe. It’s extremely popular in the Campania Region in Italy.         

Pioppini (latin name Agrocybe aegerita), also known as the Black Poplar Mushroom or the Velvet Pioppini have a mild, nutty flavor - subtly sweet, floral, and peppery. They have thick, meaty stems that stay firm when cooked and add an amazing texture to your favorite dish. They are especially popular in pasta dishes and risotto. Thyme and tarragon pair really well with the unique flavor of these mushrooms.

Pioppini grow in large clusters on black poplar (you probably guessed that), chestnut, tea-oil, elm, cottonwood, and other hard wood trees.

This is definitely one of our favorite mushrooms to cultivate.

Pioppini are an excellent source of protein. They are a rich source of linoleic acid which supports heart health. They have high antioxidant activity which means that they may help protect your cells against free radicals that are associated with different types of disease like cardiovascular, cancer, and diabetes. They have been used to slow down the negative effects of osteoporosis and can even be used to help prevent kidney stones and gout.

We have fresh and dried Pioppini available year-round.