From our kitchen to yours...

Mushrooms are the ONLY natural source of Vitamin D in the PRODUCE aisle. Mushrooms, like humans, synthesize Vitamin D when exposed to UV light. ☀️
Mushrooms are amazing little organisms.
So...when the weather is frightful and you want to keep your body functioning well with some much needed Vitamin D, try warming up with a cup of Homemade Hot Chocolate with Wild Mushroom Powder. It’s SO easy to make!
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Usually, when we sauté, we first heat up some olive oil or butter, add onions and maybe some peppers, and then after those are soft, we add mushrooms, and voila...we're done. When you cook them this way, they're not terrible, right? They blend into a trio of deliciousness that tops a steak or a sausage or a fajita very well.
But have you noticed that sometimes, when mushrooms are cooked this way, they are kind of mushy or soggy, and whatever happened to the unique flavor that specialty mushrooms should have? The mushrooms just seem like a part of the crowd. They don't stand out and they don't shine as they should.
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Mushrooms. To be seen or not to be seen. That is the question.

This is our take on traditional Shepard's Pie.

We make this dish from leftover pot roast or beef stew and we fill it with yummy, nutritious mushrooms (sometimes seen but always unseen too) and lots of thyme and love. See what we did there?

To be honest, this recipe changes every time we make it depending on what we have available in the house. It's made out of leftovers, and it adapts well to whatever we try. A little red wine in the in the roux would work nice too...have fun with it!

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