Wild Mushroom Powder

Wild Mushroom Powder

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It's important to know were your dried mushrooms come from.  Fruit of the Fungi's Wild Mushroom Powder comes from wild foraged mushrooms that are hand picked and dehydrated in the USA.  We have also added two varieties organically grown on our family farm in Upstate NY.  We going and package on the farm to give you the freshest powders possible.  We do not add anything.  You are buying mushroom.

Our mushroom powders make a great finisher for any meal.  Use as a breadcrumb substitute, add to oils and butters, ground meats or simply use like you would salt and pepper on your favorite meal.  Our powder are flavorful, versatile, convenient, and nutritionally packed.  

Thank you for supporting our farm and enjoy the umami flavor packed into this pure mushroom powder.   

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