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Organic Mushroom Stock

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It's important to know where your mushroom stock comes from.  Fruit of the Fungi's Organic Mushroom Stock is an assortment of our favorite rich and hearty varieties.  Our blend of specialty mushrooms provides a depth of flavor you won't find in any other run-of-mill mix.  We meticulously grow, dehydrate, and package onsite to guarantee you a product that will provide the unmistakable flavors, savory aromas, and nutritional boost you would expect from a high quality stock mix. 

To Make the Stock: Add 4 cups of water and .75oz of dried mushrooms to a slow cooker.  Cook on low for 12-24 hours adding water as needed.  Strain if desired and enjoy as a base for soups, rice, pasta, or a saute.  Consider adding garlic or herbs for a flavorful and healthy stock.  

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