Welcome to The New York Mushroom Company® and thank you for your interest in our farm! As a family business, we are committed to growing and producing the finest organic gourmet mushrooms in Central New York.  

We promise to deliver only the highest quality mushrooms that we would be proud to serve to our own family. As you enjoy our site and learn about our products, we hope that you will feel as we do, at home. Come visit us at the farm or market and give our ‘fruit’ of the fungi a try.

Our dried mushrooms are preservative free.  We never use sulfites or formaldehyde to extend shelf life.  

Cover the dried mushrooms in very hot water for 15 minutes, strain, and use like a fresh mushroom.  Reserve the stock for use in a sauce or soup. OR simply add our dried mushrooms to any recipe that will simmer for 2+ hours.  

Mushroom Beanie
Mushroom Beanie
Mushroom Beanie
Mushroom Beanie
Mushroom Beanie
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"New York Mushroom Company" embroidered beanie.  One size fits all.  Only comes in black and white.  Keep your head warm on a cold day or the sun off your noggin on a hot day.  Perfect for the days you don't want to do your hair.
Picture of Mushroom Stock
Organic Mushroom Stock
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It's important to know where your mushroom stock comes from.  Fruit of the Fungi's Organic Mushroom Stock is an assortment of our favorite rich and hearty varieties.  Our blend of specialty mushrooms provides a depth of flavor you won't find in any other run-of-mill mix.  We meticulously grow, dehydrate, and package onsite to guarantee you a product that will provide the unmistakable flavors, savory aromas, and nutritional boost you would expect from a high quality stock mix. 

To Make the Stock: Add 4 cups of water and .75oz of dried mushrooms to a slow cooker.  Cook on low for 12-24 hours adding water as needed.  Strain if desired and enjoy as a base for soups, rice, pasta, or a saute.  Consider adding garlic or herbs for a flavorful and healthy stock.  

Organic Lion's Mane Powder Wild Mushroom Powder Porcini Powder Chanterelle Powder Organic Shiitake Powder

Mushroom powders

Fruit of the Fungi's Mushroom Powders make a great finisher for any meal. Use as a breadcrumb substitute, add to oils and butters or simply use like you would salt and pepper on your favorite dish. Flavorful, convenient and nutritionally packed.

Organic Shiitake Powder Shop All

Grown, dried, ground and packaged on the farm.  Our Fruit of the forest tea contains organic shiitake, maitake, lion's mane, reishi and a bit of king trumpet for flavor.   

Lion's Mane Powder

Lion's Mane Powder

A Spring Tradition....

Wild-Crafted Shiitake

In 2007, our farm began with 300 shiitake logs.

We still supplement what we do with shiitake grown out in the woods.  A uniquely dense shiitake high in vitamin D.

Buy Log-Grown Shiitake

We deliver to Central New York.  If you prefer or you are outside of our area we can still get fresh organic mushrooms delivered to your door.  Everything we send out is grown on our farm so availability can vary.    

We are often left with more spent substrate than we can use or compost.  This product is pickup only.  Our prices are very reasonable.  

Organic Myceliated Mulch

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